Landscape & Natural Resources

Landscape Zones

The UCF main campus is sectioned off into landscape zones so that our ground crews can more effectively maintain the landscape. Each of our crews is assigned to their own zone. This has been effective because each ground crew is familiar with their zone and its particular needs throughout the year. A campus this size would normally require more hands than we have here and Landscape and Natural Resources but our staff continue to do an outstanding job despite our reduced staffing level.

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DSO Convocation Corporation South Entryway South Entryway North Entryway Central Entryway Central Entryway Burnett House Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone 1 RWC RWC Intermural Fields RWC Lake Claire DSO Housing DSO Housing DSO Housing Digital Sign Image Map

LNR Teams

George Taylor (Zone 1, RWC, Lake Nona)

Dan George (Zone 2, Chemical Coordination)

Jack Wilson (Zone 3, Convocation Corp, Housing, Burnett House)

Vacant (Entryways, medians, design/install)

Lauren Morris (Irrigation)

Bob Hall (Mowing, street sweeping)

For information about the zones used in the Integrated Pest Control program, please click here.