Sustainable Irrigation

Irrigation of lawns and landscaping in Florida represents the single largest use of water from our municipal water supplies. This water use has seriously impacted the aquifer, which is the source of our drinking water and water that supports Florida’s springs and other ecosystems. Here at the University of Central Florida we use nearly 80% reclaimed water to irrigate our landscapes, reducing our dependence for potable water.

Landscape & Natural Resources maintains seven irrigation wells and all distribution systems across campus that provide water to approximately 175 acres of irrigated landscape and sodded areas. A large percentage of these systems are controlled by MAXICOM, a wireless computerized irrigation control system (regulates how much water is needed for irrigation). We have recently converted from use of potable water and well water to treated reclaimed water. No potable water will be used for any irrigation on campus except for sanitary reasons.

For UCF Irrigation Specifications, click here.