LNR’s vision and mission statements can be seen in the design of the campus landscapes. The environments enrich the UCF community, showcasing our stewardship of our resources. Landscape & Natural Resources works with other Departments in the construction of new projects on the UCF campuses. Landscape architecture is a vital part of the design of a project and utilizes the Landscape Master Plan when contributing to the overall project vision. We take pride in our projects and efforts and are pleased to share them with you.



Facilities and Safety Courtyard

The courtyard between Facilities and Safety and the warehouse had many dying plant material and weed infested turf. Particularly, the East Palatka Hollies were infected with a fungus and had to be removed. The area had to be regraded to allow for proper drainage as well. New trees, shrubs and cover were installed that included six crapemyrtle trees, a Ligustrum Tree, Bird of Paradise, Magnolias, Evergreen Giant Liriope, variegated giner, and Carissa holly, to name a few. Concrete pads with benches will be added at a later date.

                                                     2016                                                                                                           2019




Chilled Water Storage Unit

In keeping with our Tree Campus distinction, nine trees were installed by the Cold Water Storage Unit next to Parking Garage H. LNR installed three Live Oaks (Quercus virginiana). Six Southern Red Ceders (Juniperus virginiana) were also installed and adds to the overall balance of the landscape in the surrounding area.

                                                     2016                                                                                                           2019




The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of some of the projects currently underway or in development at UCF campus. Landscaping & Natural Resources works with Facility Planning and Construction to create environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing surroundings that correspond to the FP&C’s and LNR’s  vision and mission statements. To see all of FP&C’s projects, please visit their website.

For Landscape Specifications, please click here.