LNR’s vision and mission statements can be seen in the design of the campus landscapes. The environments enrich the UCF community, showcasing our stewardship of our resources. Landscape & Natural Resources works with other Departments in the construction of new projects on the UCF campuses. Landscape architecture is a vital part of the design of a project and utilizes the Landscape Master Plan when contributing to the overall project vision. We take pride in our projects and efforts and are pleased to share them with you.




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The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of some of the projects currently underway or in development at UCF campus. Landscaping & Natural Resources works with Facility Planning and Construction to create environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing surroundings that correspond to the FP&C’s and LNR’s  vision and mission statements. To see all of FP&C’s projects, please visit their website.

For Landscape Specifications, please click here.