Landscape & Natural Resources (LNR) is responsible for the maintenance, landscaping installation, and irrigation of all university grounds, excluding sports turf. Our watchword is sustainability: appropriate plants, tended with the best management practices. Our current goals include: increasing plant diversity, especially with use of native Florida plants, increasing the tree canopy, and adding color, scent and texture to the understory landscape. We hope that the landscape of UCF will become a uniquely regional garden that will both educate and delight our students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Approximately 250 acres are mowed on a weekly basis. We are reducing chemical fertilizers, reducing irrigation, and initiating the conversion of high-input St. Augustine grass lawns into healthier, mixed-species turf. Landscape & Natural Resources maintains seven irrigation wells and all distribution systems across campus that provide water to approximately 175 acres of irrigated landscape and sodded areas. A large percentage of these systems are controlled by MAXICOM, a wireless computerized irrigation control system. We have recently converted from use of potable water and well water to treated reclaimed water. No potable water will be used for any irrigation on campus except for sanitary reasons.

In addition to turf, trees, shrubs, and blooming groundcovers, Landscape & Natural Resources is responsible for maintaining the Reflection Pond at Millican Hall. We also tend the landscape of Partnerships I & II in Research Park, the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, the Downtown Campuses, and several auxiliary units. LNR oversees the contractors who maintain retention ponds and lakes on campus, as well as a variety of contractors for hardscape improvements. For more information related to landscaping in Orange County, FL, please visit the IFAS website, Orange County extension.

Landscape & Natural Resources works with many other Departments on their construction projects.  Click here for more information on these projects.

Click here to view the UCF Landscape Standards.