The Campus Landscape Master Plan and Design Standards represents the university’s first effort to provide a unified vision for future campus development. The experience of the past 50 years provides lessons for what has worked well, what areas need improvement, and what features have become central to the university’s identity. Planning for the future requires preserving the character of the university while enhancing consistency in materials, and embracing new design approaches for creating a quality campus experience. This experience extends from first impressions, to wayfinding and circulation, maintenance requirements, natural areas, and spaces that respond to changing styles of social interaction.

The Campus Landscape Master Plan and Design Standards provides guidance for the campus outdoor environment that includes consistency in materials and flexibility for innovation and sustainability. The goals of the plan are to develop a landscape and open-space system that: enhances the living, working, and learning environment of the university; unifies the campus and gives it a distinct identity and sense of place; helps UCF achieve its goal of environmental sustainability; and integrates with the existing campus master plan and vision for future facility development.

The Campus Landscape Master Plan and Design Standards will help guide and enhance its future development. Implementation of the plan will be a dynamic, ongoing process that adapts to changing times, but that remains focused on creating successful campus spaces that reflect UCF’s distinctive character and support its core academic mission.

The Campus Landscape Master Plan and Design Standards is complete and is available here.

Campus Design Standards is available here.

Submittal specifications can be found here.