Here you can look through the history of BSC4861L created in 2008. All of the projects featured below were done by undergraduate students placed in groups and given a unique research project to complete by the end of the semester.

2014 Projects

  • The Value of UCF’s Natural Lands: Is it possible to quantify the monetary value of our natural areas?
  • Urban Heat Island Effect: Data loggers were used to log temperatures in natural areas and urban areas. That data was analyzed to determine whether or not there was a heat island effect occurring in the urbanized part of campus.
  • Sustainability Assessment of College Undergraduates: This project was carried out in order to determine if a correlation exists between undergraduate students’ academic College at UCF and their understanding of “sustainability” as well as their environmental attitude.
  • UCF’s Urban Canopy Coverage: What is the economic, social and and environmental benefits to UCF’s urban canopy?

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2013 Projects

  • Aquaponics: Testing the ability of two different aquatic invasive plant species and one invasive snail species to remove added elements from the water.
  • Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation: Four different recycled substrates were used to measure growth of Pleurotus djamor mycelium, more commonly known as the pink oyster mushroom.
  • Fertilizer Filtration in Conventional Ground-covers: This experiment measured the amount of fertilizer that passed through three different types of common turf grass to find the most sustainable turf option for fertilizer utilization.
  • Florida Friendly Landscapes and Biodiversity: Biodiversity was measured and compared at ponds that had Florida Friendly landscapes and at ponds that did not meet the Florida Friendly criteria.
  • Soil Conditions and Plant Health: An evaluation of abiotic conditions in plant beds randomly selected across campus to identify how conditions affect the plants in those beds.