Landscape & Natural Resources

Early Voting Location

To the candidates and campaigns running in Orange County, Florida.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) recognizes the importance of serving as an early voting site on the main campus. As a result of the location of the site, several UCF signage policies have been modified to be more accommodating.

Candidates and campaigns are permitted to follow both the campus wide and the early voting modified policies should they chose, but may not use such restrictions interchangeably.

Regardless of the policy the candidate/campaign utilizes, the following limits shall be enforced in accordance with our campus wide policy:

  • Signs shall not be larger than three (3) feet by six (6) feet;
  • No sign shall contain obscene text or images;
  • Signs shall not be located along a University entryway;
  • Signs shall not be located in any roadway median;
  • Rods/wires used to anchor signs shall not exceed 1/8” in diameter;
  • Signs shall not be attached to other structures, including but not limited to benches, trees, light poles, or trash cans;
  • Signs shall not be placed as to block sidewalks or impede the flow or visibility of pedestrian, emergency, or vehicular traffic;
  • Poorly constructed, fallen, weather damaged, or unsightly signs will be removed;
  • Staking, banners and adhesive-backed signs are prohibited.


During the early voting period, our standard signage policy will be modified to accommodate signage in an approved location between Garage B and the Live Oak Event Center. These modifications are:

  • From October 20th, 2018 to November 4th, 2018, candidates and campaigns will be permitted to place no more than a total of 30 signs within the designated locations;
  • Signs placed in the designated locations will not have to be submitted via the approval process of UCF Landscape and National Resources, and signs will not need approval stickers affixed to them within the designated location;


Should the candidate/campaign want to place signage outside of the designated locations, the campus standard signage policy shall apply. The policy is as follows:

  • Each sign request shall be limited to a maximum of five (5) signs for up to five (5) days;
  • Requests to put out temporary outdoor signs must be submitted via the approval process below, and approved signs must have approval stickers affixed to them;
  • Building Managers may request to place up to two (2) A-frame type signs within 20 feet of their establishment(s), but shall not block pedestrian, emergency, or vehicular traffic;



More of this policy can be seen on the UCF Landscape and Natural Resources website.

Additional, questions and comments can be directed to Tom Moyer, UCF Government Relations, at 407.823.2502 or by email at: UniversityRelations@UCF.EDU